Dr. John H. Binkley, Jr. has spent more than two decades travelling around the world as a spiritual evangelist and leadership expert. Here, he shares some fascinating and important global philanthropic events.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is an organization that promotes international awareness of new ideas. Can religion and technology coexist for philanthropic and spiritual good? This piece is quite optimistic about our ability to use technology to foster spiritual understanding. What do you think?

Religion and Technology Should Unite for the Greater Good

It is hugely important for those of us who were blessed with wealth and comfort to spread not only our good fortune, but good fellowship. Whatever our motives are social, Godly, or based purely on practicality, the spirit of philanthropy should always be nurtured. Here is a fascinating profile of donor personality “types.” Can you recognize yourself?

If it is important to you to raise a thoughtful and charitable child, there are measures you can take in your home to ensure his or her philanthropic disposition. Take a look at these five steps—are you taking them for your child?

As a proud Texan, it thrills me that there is such a wealth of philanthropic effort in my home state. However, will this abundance of non-profits and legitimately worthy causes diminish with the coming generations? This article delineates one solution, which involves opening children’s awareness to the importance of philanthropy, and building multigenerational pathways towards long-term charitable giving.

Christian faith and charity have triumphed! A Florida court has ruled in favor of Christian forgiveness and rehabilitation. Two ministries have won their eight year battle to maintain their recovery and rehabilitation centers, designed to help those afflicted with alcohol and drug addiction become productive and healthy members of their communities.