John H Binkley Jr. Hope, Healing, and Faith: Bringing the Word of Jesus to Every Corner of the World

Dr. John H. Binkely Jr., author, philanthropist, and respected leadership authority, discusses his mission to spread the Gospel to those in physical, economic, and spiritual turmoil. With the teachings of Jesus as his guide, he works every day to create a joyful, peaceful, and blessed world—one person at a time.

More than 20 years ago, I endeavored to bring the Word of God to some of the most remote and spiritually barren regions of the world. Having been blessed by the Lord in so many areas of my life, I felt it was my duty to deliver Christ’s love to anyone and everyone who would accept it.

Through the course of my mission, I have helped to spread the Gospel throughout more than 60 nations during over 100 missions. It has been my very great fortune to have been able to visit so many beautiful countries, and minister to hundreds of extraordinary people. Through my work with a broad spectrum of wonderful organizations, I have been able to realize my dream of delivering the sacred, universal message of love and faith to diverse populations.

I currently serve on the board of several exceptional organizations, all of which have been remarkably successful in using the power of the Holy Spirit to bring messages of hope and harmony to oftentimes tumultuous areas. We have built churches, empowered populations, and given people the necessary tools to live productive, rich, and satisfying lives.

My work has brought me immense joy. I pray that my experience will inspire you to venture out—either abroad or in your own community—and spread the spirit of Jesus Christ.